Why not give that special someone a Gift Voucher for one of our 4WD Courses! No need to book a course date now, just slip into a course at a later date that suits! The training courses we provide are designed to cater for every level of experience, or inexperience, from absolute beginners to experienced 4WDers wanting to complete some advanced training. We offer Recreational 4WD Courses from introductory through to advanced. If your employees require 4WD Training, then contact us to discuss how we can help you. We can offer discounts and package deals for your business.

Training Session Types

Recreational 4WD Training Courses

We know that for many people who have not completed any 4WDing before that you will be nervous about participating in a 4WD course. We treat each participant as an individual, and we don’t push anyone into completing any elements of the course, if you are not comfortable doing so.

Many of our past course participants started off the same way as you, but finished the course thanking us for guiding them through, and wanting more. Our training style will ease you into each exercise, with you quickly realising that you can do it! Everyone on our courses enjoys themselves, and learns something, regardless of what experience you have at the start of the course.

Our Recreational Training Courses are about practical based learning, conducted in environments you will one day be driving in your 4WD. Our training venues consist of natural bushland, and by utilising those natural terrains, and we minimise the use of man made features, so that you are learning in the environments that you would be driving through when out and about in your 4WD vehicle.

While there is a theory content, we break this up through the day, so that the theory element is aligned with the practical element. Our 4WD training courses will provide you with the skills and knowledge, that will give you the confidence to correctly choose your path, through various terrains. Our courses consist of practical driving exercises conducted by you, in your vehicle, putting the skills you have just learnt into action.

Like all our course participants before you, we guarantee that you will leave our course with a feeling of accomplishment, and personal satisfaction for taking that first or next step into the world of 4WDing

Recreational Courses we offer:

4WD Introductory

4WD Offroad

4WD Recovery

4WD Sand Driving

4WD Offroad Weekend

Beach & Bush Weekend

Ladies Day Only

4WD Introductory

Full Day – $225 (includes two drivers per vehicle)

Whether you have just bought your first 4WD or just want to move into offroad driving, we help you gain confidence, as you learn the capabilities and limitations of your 4WD vehicle. We offer this introduction to off road driving taking into account each individuals offroad experience, so no one will find themselves pushed in the deep end. We can even organise personalised training sessions for those who prefer a more one on one approach.

Our Introductory to 4WD Course is aimed at the recreational driver, and is designed to provide you with an insight into how your vehicle operates, reading the terrain as well as how to negotiate obstacles that you may come across.

With this course we keep the theory to a minimum, and provide as much practical experience as possible.

Check out our course calendar on the front page!

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4WD Sand Driving Course

Half Day Course – $195 (includes two drivers per vehicle)


Driving a vehicle in sand provides driving challenges unlike driving through other terrains.

Our Sand Driving Course will provide you with the knowledge and experience to tackle driving in the sand. This course covers sand driving and recovery techniques, entering and exiting the beach, beach etiquette and hazards. We conduct practical driving and recovery exercises so you have first hand experience in what to do in the future, so that your trip is an enjoyable one.

Courses are held at the Ocean Beach (Woorim) side of Bribie Island, Vehicle Access Permit for the duration of the course is included in Course cost.

Checkout our course calendar on the front page!

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4WD Offroad Course

Full day – $255 (includes two drivers per vehicle)

For the people wanting to get a little more offroad we offer a course in 4WD Offroad Driving.

We use a range of Offroad Driving tips & techniques, that have been proven overtime to be the safest practical methods to drive 4WD vehicles, over various terrains.

Within this course we will cover

  • 4WD operation & basic recoveries;
  • General 4WD & Recovery equipment – the different equipment available, and the correct methods to use it;

Combine this course with the 4WD Recovery Course and make a weekend adventure of your own!

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4WD Recovery Course

Full day – $255 (includes two drivers per vehicle)

This is the next step further from the 4WD Offroad Course where we will traverse the more difficult terrains and methods of recovery, for those situations where a quick tow or snatch won’t do it.

We will be covering winch recoveries, and most important understanding the weight of the line pull required. Depending on how stuck your vehicle is, determines the exact equipment requirements and how this equipment needs to be setup.

With advanced 4WD operation & recoveries also comes a greater safety risk, and as with the 4WD Offroad Course, we will again look at the safety aspects required to ensure the day is an enjoyable one.

Course participants will also be guided through various terrains and 4WD conditions, with an aim to identify the types of challenges that may be faced on those harder tracks & possible recoveries. So that a decision to stop and find another way is an option.

This is a full participation course, and all vehicles should be fitted with a winch. However if your vehicle does not have one, you may be able to use one of the instructor vehicles. Please inform us of this when booking your course.

Combine this course with the 4WD Offroad Course for a complete 4WD Offroad Weekend Adventure.

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4WD Offroad Driving Weekend

2 Full day – $495 (includes two drivers per vehicle)

We run weekend courses that cover both the 4WD Offroad and the 4WD Recovery Courses, allowing participants to cover all aspects of 4WD vehicle Offroad Driving & Recoveries over two consecutive days. All the Driving & Recovery techniques that may be needed while driving offroad, are covered & your practical driving & recovery skills will get a work out.

As we run these courses at various locations, there can be camping facilities available which provides a great weekend away, and we may even be lucky enough to throw in a bit of 4WD Night Driving, for those that are really keen.

While these weekend courses are more designed for people with some 4WD experience, we can add to this weekend and conduct some Introductory to 4WD training. Please discuss this at the time of initial course booking!

This is a full participation course, and all vehicles should be fitted with a winch. However if your vehicle does not have one, you may be able to use one of the instructor vehicles. Please inform us of this when booking your course.

Add in a night of camping to enhance the 4WD Adventure!!

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Ladies Only Courses

Half Day – Full Day 4WD Courses available (includes two drivers per vehicle. Passengers are free of charge.)

Our Ladies Days Only 4WD Courses are quite popular, and provide all the same training that is provided in our other courses, but just for the ladies!

Our Ladies days will give you the confidence to take your 4WD vehicle off road.

You will learn the capabilities and limitations of your vehicle, gaining lots of confidence along the way.

If there isn’t a Ladies Day Course in the calendar, then let us know a date that suits you, and we will look to schedule in and advertise a course for that date.

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