About Us

4WD Adventures & Training Australia is owned and operated by Michael Boyle.

I have many years of experience in training, four wheel driving, camping, etc all over Australia. It is what I really love to do! Next to that I really enjoy helping other people to get out and see Australia 4WD Adventure style. Our team will share our knowledge and skills and help you gain the confidence to explore the many wonders that this country has to offer.


Get out there and see parts of this country that many people don’t see. Experience it first hand, not in front of the TV. And you can do it with the backup of an experienced tour guide to call on if you find yourself out of depth.

Our team will guide and assist you in picking up the basic skills of 4WDing to suit the types of terrain that you may find yourself travelling through. Beginners with their first 4WD will quickly gain the confidence to get through their big adventure safely.

Be Warned! Once you’ve experienced one of our 4WD Adventures, you’ll be back and wanting more!

Our tours and training are designed to provide the ultimate 4WD experience taking into account your needs and desires, and doing so in realistic timeframes. No hurry to get to the next stop, our tours, allow you to soak up the environment and enjoy the country, not just watch it go by. Our training, provided by qualified and experienced 4WDers, helps you to learn the skills you need, we can structure specific training just for you, as well as offering our pre-designed courses. So if you want to see crystal clear waters, sandy desert dunes, Channel country, all corners of the country, then we can get you there, and back again.

So give us a call, tell us what you would like to do, where you would like to go, and we can design your own 4WD Adventure, and more importantly help you make it happen.